Wearing the Suit

  • Women’s Figure, Fitness 2 piece & Bodybuilding: Tie the top part of suit around your neck tightly. 2) Attach a safety pin to the end of the cords to help thread through the loops. 3) Criss-cross the cords across your back, loop into loops and make a knot (allow 2-3” of slack on end of string). The left cord should cross into the right loop, and the right cord should cross into the left loop. 4) Cut the remainder of the slack string, and tuck the slack into the bottom of the suit. 5) Scrunch the bottom of the triangles on the top of the suit. **The suit should be worn as tight as possible under the breasts.
  • Men’s Bodybuilding: The suits should be worn high and tight, apply bikini bite as needed.