Wearing the Suit

  • Women’s Figure, Fitness 2 piece & Bodybuilding: Tie the top part of suit around your neck tightly. 2) Attach a safety pin to the end of the cords to help thread through the loops. 3) Criss-cross the cords across your back, loop into loops and make a knot (allow 2-3” of slack on end of string). The left cord should cross into the right loop, and the right cord should cross into the left loop. 4) Cut the remainder of the slack string, and tuck the slack into the bottom of the suit. 5) Scrunch the bottom of the triangles on the top of the suit. **The suit should be worn as tight as possible under the breasts.
  • Men’s Bodybuilding: The suits should be worn high and tight, apply bikini bite as needed.

Care for Suits

Specialty & Light Colored Fabrics: Please be aware that any suit that is composed of a specialty or light colored fabric may be ruined by any applied oils and tanner. This includes holograms, foils, mists, kaleidoscopes, shattered glasses, and cracked ice etc. **We are not responsible for suits that are improperly cared for.

  • Women’s Suits: DO NOT wash your suit in a washing machine. To wash your suit, hand wash with cold water and a mild detergent. Be careful not to keep the suit in water for longer than one minute. To dry your suit, gently squeeze out any excess water and then press between two towels if necessary. Hang to dry after washing.
  • Men’s Suits: Machine wash on cold with like colors. To dry, place in the dryer on the normal setting for cottons or regular tumble dry.


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