Women’s Body Building

Men’s Body Building

Spandex Trunks – $60 | Wet Look Spandex Trunks – $60 | Velvet Trunks – $60 | Hologram Spandex Trunks – $ 70

We carry one cut or style of the men’s posing trunks, it is a Pro Cut, V-front and V-back with a cinch in the back. The coverage is regulation standard with a ¾” stride on the sides. NPC competitors can wear plain fabrics such as Spandex, Wet Look Spandex or Velvet Materials. IFBB competitors may wear all mentioned fabrics, along with any Hologram or other decorated print materials.

**Hologram fabrics are only to be worn at night by IFBB Pros, not Amateur Competitors. NPC Athletes can only spandex or velvet with no ornamentation.

***All posing trunks are “V” front and back. IFBB Pros have a cinch back to create deeper “V” in the back.

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Bikini Suits

Basic Bikini with Bottom Connectors – $400 | Bikini w. Top & Bottom Connectors – $500 | Rhinestone Scatters – Between $100 & $500

We carry one cut or style of the women’s bikini suits, they are regulation cut, custom made suits with the appropriate amount of coverage. The bikini bottoms are scrunched in the back, creating a whale tail to accentuate the appearance of the glutes.